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Yoga Whitehorse

Richard Mueller
certified IYENGAR Yoga instructor


Private, semi-private and group classes available


Marsh Lake Community Centre

5:30 – 7 pm
Drop in open to all

Mondays 10:15-11:45
Gentle Yoga
White Swan Sanctuary
403 Lowe Street
Drop-in $20


with Richard



Marsh Lake Community Center located at Judas Creek Subdivision, km 2 Doehle Drive, just before the Fire Hall


White Swan Sanctuary, located at 403 Lowe Street, across 4th Ave from the Coast High Country Inn

Come join us for seven days away from the regular routine in an incredibly beautiful landscape at the shore of Kluane Lake
and the door of Kluane National Park. This is a follow-up to our retreat there in 2011 and beside the landscape will
feature five hours of Yoga daily, great vegetarian food, comfortable lodging (double occupancy) and free afternoons to do
as you please such as  kite-boarding on the lake, skiing, snowshoeing, walking or just kicking back on decks, the common
rooms or your own cabin.

This retreat is focused on spending your time and money in our own awesome backyard, sharing the local environment, culture and economic benefits, at a relatively small carbon footprint.

Each day begins with your morning routine, and an hour of Pranayama (breathing exercises). After a small breakfast snack
there is the main two hour yoga session.

Each class is unique, building on previous classes to integrate the basics of grounding, alignment, balance, flexibility,
strength and coordination to bring you to a higher level of combined physical fitness, mental focus and clarity, and
perhaps a new appreciation of the great opportunities our lives offer.

After the main meal you have several daylight hours to do as you please. After an optional snack we practice again at a
more regenerative pace. After the final meal you have the rest of the evening to spend as you please.

Such retreats attract folks with similar interests, creating opportunities for deep conversation, sharing, learning and creating community.

This retreat is timed to coincide with the end of winter activities in mild temperatures, many hours of daylight and the
cusp of spring. It offers a wonderful opportunity to re-assess your life and head back to your routine refreshed, strengthened, focused and re-inspired.

The retreat is for 10 participants, double occupancy, all inclusive for $CAD1300. For more information and to register
please contact ‘richard@yogawhitehorse.ca.


My desire ‘to attain enlightenment’ led me to emulate Yoga poses from a book as a teenager. My interests changed as I explored early adulthood in the Yukon and at the age of 31 I once again integrated Yoga as a regular part of my life, practicing poses and exploring Yoga philosophy without teachers. At the age of 42 I moved to Berlin where I studied Yoga seriously. After becoming a certified Yoga teacher in India in 2001, I started teaching in Germany and in 2006 I became a certified IYENGAR Yoga teacher. For ten years I took advantage of the Yoga scene in Berlin, taking part in many workshops with senior international Iyengar teachers. Life was good but I missed my intimate connection with the Yukon environment so I moved back to my log cabin at Marsh Lake in 2009. I now feel very fortunate to experience, explore and mix my passions here in the Yukon, be part of this community and share my Yoga experience with many Yukoners.



should you attend my Yoga classes? Because you will have the opportunity to learn body awareness in a pleasant and professional environment with an instructor who is trained and certified in a method which places safety and alignment at the forefront. I will watch you almost constantly and correct your poses either verbally or physically. Trust is a mayor component between you and me; if you feel comfortable with me then we can work together in a spirit of mutual trust and ease on this part of your Yoga path. You will inform me confidentially of any physical or psychological condition you might have which could affect your full participation, and I will instruct you accordingly, offering  variations and alternatives. I will respond to your level of interest; if you are keen I will encourage you at that level; if you feel comfortable with where you are at I will respect that. Every day – every moment – is different, and so are all my classes, taking into account who is in the room, how the participants are doing, the weather, the time of day/year and other fluctuations. Every class is unique and I combine my experience and the great variety the Iyengar method offers to create an inspiring and uplifting class every time. Just ask others – like Duane: “I wish I had started practicing Yoga with Richard. He builds a strong, solid foundation that helps avoid injury.”